About Architectural Preservation

Education & Research
• American Planning Association
• Archives of Michigan
• Bay County Historical Society
• Bay County Library System
• Library of Michigan
• Michigan Historic Preservation Network
• Historical Society of Michigan
• National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
• National Register Research
• National Register Information System
• Preservation Magazine
• University of Michigan Special Collections Library

Government Agencies
Note:  Information on restoring/repairing buildings in the Bay City historic districts can be found at the first link, below, including the Center Avenue Work Review List. For information related to construction permits, including building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical, as well as information related to rental property inspection and nuisance/blight enforcement, see the City of Bay City’s Building Code & Enforcement department. For planning, zoning, and related neighborhood services information, see the Planning and Zoning department.

• Architectural & Historic Preservation in Bay City
• Michigan State Legislature
• City of Bay City Commission
• City of Bay City’s Public Safety Department
• State Historic Preservation Office

• NPS Historic Preservation Tax Incentives
• Michigan Tax Incentives for Historic Buildings

Renovation & Maintenance (see also “Articles of Particular Interest,” below)
• National Trust for Historic Preservation
• National Association of Home Builders
• National Park Service (NPS) Technical Preservation Services
• NPS Checklist for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings
• NPS Electronic Rehab as a Treatment
• NPS Preservation Briefs
• NPS Rehab Standards and Guidelines
• NPS Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines
Old House Journal
• This Old House

The Old House Guy:  Your Ultimate Guide to Old and Historic Homes

Articles of Particular Interest